About World Trust

Through education rooted in love and justice, World Trust is a catalyst for racial equity. World Trust produces programs and seminars based on our films that open minds and hearts. We offer the skills to perceive and challenge the internal and external system that reinforces racial oppression. We believe that suffering perpetuated by racial and economic divides is, at its core, the result of a disconnect from our collective humanity. This disconnect plays itself out within ourselves, in our relationships with others and in our institutions and structures. We use the powerful combination of film, dialogue and transformative learning to create new understandings. In addition, we work to heal the wounds of racism by building community and cultivating the practices of love-in-action and respect: kindness, non-judgment, compassion, deep listening. World Trust sparks individual learning and links it to a growing collective will that is committed to change.

The World Trust Vision: We envision a world where transformative love-in-action is pervasive, deep peace is ordinary and the unity consciousness that permeates it … Extraordinary!

The System of Racial Inequity
Shakti Butler, PhD – Filmmaker, Speaker and Executive Director
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World Trust Educational Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1987, and supported by donations from individuals, families and foundations, and through income from seminars and the sales of our films.