Advocacy covers a range of strategies and tactics designed to move people to action - for example, to get a school district to change policies on school discipline, to create a national movement for changes to federal immigration policies, or to make sure the economic development of a particular neighborhood does not eliminate access to affordable housing for current residents. The tools of advocacy include: messaging, research and data, power analyses, education, personal influence and persuasion, coalition building, organizing and action. The ways in which these tools are applied is often adjusted for different audiences or targets of influence. Resources in this section focus on various examples of advocacy strategies, tools and tactics. Information in other sections—for example, Community Organizing or <a href="https://www.racialequitytools.o [...]




“Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertion and passionate concerns of dedicated individuals. Without persistent effort, time becomes an ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of irrational emotionalism and social destruction.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., Stride Toward Freedom, 1958


Getting Into Trouble to Fight Injustice, Extended Interview – John Lewis, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Also in this section:
  • Addressing Trauma and Healing

  • Community Building

  • Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Change Process

  • Training and Popular Education

  • Arts and Culture

  • Community Engagement

  • Dialogue and Deliberation

  • Multicultural Competency

  • Policy and Legislative Change

  • Youth Activism and Intergenerational Work

  • Caucus and Affinity Groups

  • Community Organizing

  • Hate Crimes Prevention and Response

  • Narrative Change

  • Racial Reconciliation



Caucusing (Affinity Groups)

Implicit Bias


Multicultural Competency


Racial Healing

Racial Reconciliation

Restorative Justice

White Supremacy Culture

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