Narrative Change

As the mainstream news becomes a target for disinformation and misinformation, social change activists have increasingly been spending energy on narrative change work, aiming to steer the debate, by articulating the root of how injustice perpetuates. One nonprofit Color of Change, one of the largest and most effective online racial justice organizing groups, is changing the narrative about Black families and communities, by providing alternative framings in pop culture, politics, and everyday life.

Resources in this section provide examples of strategies that people have used to directly address cultural racism – that is, the representations, messages and stories that create and maintain positive and negative assumptions about racial and ethnic groups, and the role of structural racism and privilege in creating and maintaining racial inequities – and t [...]

Conceptual and Analysis

Key Sites

Practices and Tools



“Narrative is the way we tell stories of real human beings and their courageous efforts to make change in the face of systems that hold them back. Narrative change includes moving people to act on their beliefs.”

~ Rinku Sen, Executive Director, Narrative Initiative


Telling a New Story: Laying the Groundwork for Narrative Change – Robin Hood

Also in this section:
  • Addressing Trauma and Healing

  • Caucus and Affinity Groups

  • Community Organizing

  • Hate Crimes Prevention and Response

  • Organizational Change Process

  • Training and Popular Education

  • Advocacy

  • Community Building

  • Conflict Transformation and Restorative Justice

  • Leadership Development

  • Policy and Legislative Change

  • Youth Activism and Intergenerational Work

  • Arts and Culture

  • Community Engagement

  • Dialogue and Deliberation

  • Multicultural Competency

  • Racial Reconciliation



Caucusing (Affinity Groups)

Implicit Bias


Multicultural Competency


Racial Healing

Racial Reconciliation

Restorative Justice

White Supremacy Culture

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