Resources in this section share some of the different techniques groups use to make meaning of the patterns and trends they observe in the information they have accumulated. This is another point in evaluation or knowledge development where there is an opportunity to make a real difference – to maintain current patterns of thought or to interrupt them. This is a point at which it is important to ask some key questions. For instance: what constitutes success of this work, and who says so? What is the story in the data, if knowing that structural racism and privilege exist and influence opportunities, resources and individual and system behaviors? One way to find out more is to share data at this stage with multiple stakeholders, and with groups positioned differently with respect to the power and privilege dynamics of this work and the evaluation, and ask them – do you see yourselves in these data? What story are the data telling you?

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“Inquiry is a powerful tool and it shapes narrative and worldview and perceptions, and they actually have a fundamental role in redefining how that inquiry should be informed by.”

~ Jara Dean-Coffey, Equitable Evaluation Initiative


Evaluating Health Equity Means Deep Analysis of Structural Racism – Society for Community Research and Action

Also in this section:
  • Analysis Process


Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Racism



People of Color

Racial and Ethnic Identity

Structural Racialization


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