Using Evaluation for Learning

Resources in this section are intended to help groups reflect on the findings and processes of evaluations, particularly for learning. Doing so offers several different windows into learning about racial equity and the consequences and processes of structural racism and privilege. For example, in looking at evaluation findings, groups can ask themselves questions like:

  • Do quantitative and qualitative data seem to be telling the same story?

  • If not, what are the important differences?

  • Whose specific truths do the data seem to be reflecting, if any?

  • Whose truths do the stories appear to be reflecting, if any?

  • What do the differences in findings suggest about the questions asked?

  • What to they suggest about the methods used to gather and analyze information? [...]





“When you stop learning, stop listening, stop looking and asking questions, always new questions, then it is time to die.”

~ Lillian Smith, U.S. writer and activist


Mental Health Research is Racist, So What Are We Going To Do About It? – Mental Elf

Also in this section:
  • Institutionalizing Habits of Evaluation and Knowledge Development


Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Racism



People of Color

Racial and Ethnic Identity

Structural Racialization


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