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The history of the United States is often taught from the perspective of the dominant culture (that is, from a colonizer’s perspective), without acknowledgement of the racist policies and actions of the U.S. government. These policies include the genocide of Native Americans and the continued breaking of numerous treaties with Native American nations; internment of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent during World War II; constitutional encoding of enslavement of Africans and others until the passage of the 13th Amendment; the post 13th Amendment imposition of Jim Crow and Sundown laws; and racial profiling of Latinx and African Americans and other people of color that continue today.

Acknowledging racism is a critical component for understanding racial inequities and structural racism. This section provides timelines acknowledging key events in our nation’s history. Understanding how communities of color fare in exi [...]

History of Racism in the United States

History of Specific Issues or Locations



“My ancestors had to prepare themselves, over and over again, for moving toward a freedom that was nowhere in sight. We prepare for life as it unfolds, not our ideal image of it. That is, literally, the only path forward.”

~ Rev. angel Kyodo williams


Colonialism: Then and Now – Terry Anderson, Renewing Indigenous Economies Project

Also in this section:
  • Diaspora and Colonization

  • Global History of Racism

  • Laws and Policies

  • Resistance and Movements



Critical Race Theory



Internalized Racism


Racial Equity

Racial Identity Development Theory

Racial Justice

Settler Colonialism

Targeted Universalism

White Privilege

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