Movement Building

Some people make a distinction between community building (the process of using planned strategies to change a specific place for the better) and movement building (the process of organizing and helping to activate the will and capacity of people and organizations to work individually or collectively toward a vision they all share). Movement building vests its power in people and organizations so they can take the work wherever it needs to go. Both are important ways to work towards racial equity; each has strengths and limitations. This section provides examples of social movements and ways of using the tools of movement building to create community change. It also includes some research on common features of effective movements, and links to some [...]

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“Transformative movements recognize that everything gets done through relationships and nothing gets done without them. At their heart, movements are about people, and cultures are about people and our relationships to each other and to the earth. Through deep listening, breakthrough conversations, and cultivating radical connections, movements are making leaps previously unthinkable.”

~ Movement Strategy Center


Black Leaders '73 – Black Journal

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  • Individual Transformation

  • Organization Change

  • Leadership for Racial Equity

  • Community Change

  • Networks, Alliances, and Coalitions

  • Accountability



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Movement Building


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Structural Racism

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