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Here is a curriculum designed for use by trainers to develop their skills and add to their toolbox around racial equity.

The Transforming White Privilege (TWP) curriculum, created by the CAPD, MP Associates, and World Trust, is designed to support current and emerging leaders identifying, talking about, and intervening to address white privilege and its consequences. The curriculum includes lesson plans, handouts, slides, and videos covering a number of key concepts, tools, and strategies for change. You can learn more information about the curriculum, including how to purchase it, here.

Transforming White Privilege
“Mass movements always come as the product of long years of mundane work by unsung heroes,

but no one can predict when the upsurge will crystalize. No one would have predicted that it would happen in 1955 Montgomery. We cannot predict today when it will happen again, and I am not sure I will live to see it. But as surely as I know that dawn will come tomorrow morning, I am convinced that it will happen. And when it does a huge question will be how many white people will understand that this upsurge holds hope for their lives too, and will therefore go through the personal metamorphosis that will be needed to join this movement.”

~ Anne Braden, Louisville journalist, organizer, and educator


Healing Justice Film Trailer, World Trust Educational Services


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