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Sample Exercises and Resources

Sample Materials

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This module includes three sections: welcome, introductions and a guided visualization exercise called Conocimiento. This Conocimiento focuses on understanding internal gifts.


The suggested time is 30 minutes.     


Lesson Plan     Mac Slides    PC Slides 

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This section describes intended outcomes of the full training, including an introduction to the idea of Leadership Practice Groups, which provide space for building relationships, learning and accountability throughout the training. It also introduces Process Norms, developed by OpenSource Leadership Strategies, which set the tone for respectful and open sharing and learning, while paying attention to how white culture and power imbalances sometimes show up when groups are establishing their norms.


The suggested time is 40 minutes.     


Lesson Plan Handout 1 - Learning Objectives   


Handout 2 - Process Norms     


Mac Slides     PC Slides

NOTE: All remaining modules will appear in the same image + rich text design. 

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