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Implicit Bias

Implicit bias, also known as hidden bias, refers to the numerous ways in which we organize patterns “thus creating real-world implications.” Exposure to structural and cultural racism has enabled stereotypes and biases to penetrate deep into our psyches. Implicit bias is one part of the system of inequity that serves to justify racist policies, practices and behaviors that persist in mainstream culture and narratives.

Current research on implicit bias also provides some promise that individual neural associations can be changed through specific practices (debiasing). If those biases can be changed at the individual level, by defi [...]

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“We have come to accept the current inequitable conditions – it’s the water we swim in. But the current conditions are NOT NATURAL and are not normal. We created them through laws and policies that have created advantage for some, particularly white people, and disadvantage for others, particularly people of color. By default, we accept these structural inequities as normal and we mostly try to help kids and families of color survive, and maybe do a little bit better, while living under inequitable conditions in a system that was not designed for their success.”

~ Kathleen Osta and Hugh Vasquez, National Equity Project


Peanut Butter, Jelly and Racism – Saleem Reshamwala, Who, Me? Biased? The New York Times

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